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Welcome to Email Sender services and thank you for taking the time to stop

by to check out our services. If you’ve been disappointed by lots of auto-responder services in the past,you’ve come to where your solution might be found.We can sure help you with your auto-responder needs.
RedTake a look at Bill on your left. He looks sad, doesn’t he?

Bill is an Internet Marketer.His sub-specialty is SEO and Social Media Marketing.He does his thing pretty well. Bill generates about 1,000 – 2,000 subscribers per week consistently.His main drawback is finding a reliable auto-responder.He’s tried almost all. Some charge cheap but struggle to inbox his messages. A few inbox his messages but he struggles to keep up with their ever increasing monthly fees.No wonder he’s sad…!

At Email Sender services, we have worked hard to find that significant balance between Deliverability,Customer Service & Affordability

Is your situation the same as Bill’s ? Do auto-responder prices hold you back from expanding your online business? Do you worry about your monthly email marketing bills? Do not worry any more about all that. We can sure help.

*We will inbox your messages.

** We will offer you great custom services 24/7.

*** Yes, you can import your list. No re-confirmation required

**** All these at affordable prices.

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Easy To Use Interface

Our application has simple user-friendly interface
It’s basically Point & Click System.
If you can use your computer to send emails, you can use our system with ease
Let’s take you to the backend to see for yourself

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Performance Tracking

With Email Sender, you will experience performance tracking at its best.

Here’s how:

  • Our system will track subscribers’ behaviour to your campaigns
  • It will go a step further to track how your subscribers respond to individual links in your campaigns
  • Guaranteed 94-99% deliverability
  • Unlike many services out there,our system may not only show you open rates and CTR,but in addition, the system will show which of your links has been visited more than others. This is important as it helps you to know how to improve your campaigns for better results.

Click on the image below to view a real time example of stats tracking for a campaign done on April 16,2012

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Email Marketing API

Need to integrate Email Sender software
with another service or tool? No problem as we’ve got that cover as well.

With our API, you can easily create an app just for your own personal use, or make one designed to be used by thousands of businesses.

You can also pick our API and integrate with your preferred web forms for use on your website.

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If you’re old enough in this field, you may have noted that it’s becoming harder and harder

for many email services to deliver your messages. That’s because of recent changes across all ISP’s.

Just so you know,many more changes are on the way because Google,Yahoo and Bing

seem fed up with spammers and they are now working tiredlessly to clamp down on them.


Often,we’re one step ahead of these changes .

Our close relationship with the ISP’s means that we get to know about these

changes well before many of our competitors and we work proactively to get all under control.

This means that your delivery is never affected.


we understand that delivery is what keeps both ESP and clients like you happy.We have all

that it takes to deliver your messages. For example,we provide you with spam filters

to check your messages before sending to reduce the chances of them ending

up in the spam folders.Our system automatically processes and removes bounces.

This keeps ISP’s happy with our service.We’ll configure your account in a way that the

major  ISP’s recogise your messages,verify,accept and authenticate them,

thus ensuring that your messages end up in your clients’ inbox and not spam folders.


Rather than bore you with all these long stories that may seem like technical jargons to you,

why don’t you consider to sign up for a two week trial and be the judge……..


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